Traction Crazy Time

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Cedar & Theater Mu presents “Crazy Broke Asians” – a celebration of Asian excellence in the Twin Cities Music Community featuring Kiss the Tigris, Diane, Mayda, D’Lourdes, Vulgar Tongue and Tekk Nikk.

Traction Crazy Time

Traction Crazy Time

Kiss the Tiger burst onto the Twin Cities music scene in late 2016 and has been making waves ever since. Inspired by the sound and energy of late ’70s rock and roll, Kiss the Tiger pays homage to its forefathers while breathing new life into the genre. A guitar attack combined with powerful vocals, led by fearless frontman Meghan Kreidler. With a compositional approach that values ​​catchy lines, powerful melodies, and meaningful lyrics, Kiss the Tiger is a band you won’t want to sleep with. As a band, they hope to awaken the parts of us that we’ve been asleep for.

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Their latest album ‘Vicious Kid’ is one of their best to date and showcases a multitude of styles from the upbeat rock and roll banger ‘Motel Room’ to the burning feminist anthem ‘Grown’. Ass Woman’. “Hold On To Love” spent 9 weeks at #1 on 89.3 The Current’s Chart Show and was inducted into the Chart Show Hall of Fame on August 11, 2021. “Vicious Kid” was named one of the best Minnesota albums of 2021. by the Star Tribune. At the end of the year, Star Tribune musical screenwriter Chris Riemenschneider named “Vicious Kid” his favorite Minnesota album of the year.

Kiss the Tiger was first known in February 2017 as “Are you a local?” by Star Tribune. as runner-up in his best new band competition. Shortly after they recorded the EP ‘Elliot Park’ which was released in November 2017. Elliot Park’s music video for “Starting to See You” was named one of the Best Music Videos of the year by 89.3 The Current Minnesota. 2018.

In 2019, Kiss the Tiger released their second album, Let Me Bleed. That year, they were recognized by City Pages as a “Selected to Click” band, a year-end compilation of the best local bands voted for by their peers. That same year, they appeared on the stage of the Star Tribune at the Basilica Block Party, the largest outdoor music festival in Minneapolis, attracting about 25,000 attendees. The Current named his music video for “Bad Boy” from “Let Me Bleed” as one of Minnesota’s best music videos of 2019.

He was born on an almost deserted island in the middle of the Bering Sea. What impresses everyone more is the way Diane now connects different musical genres and works near the heart of North America.

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With over a decade involved in the music community in Fargo and now three years in Minneapolis, Diane has worked as a club booker, journalist, and radio host for the “Local Show” ” Weekly by Current 89.3 and musicians.

In the second category, he takes on various roles: rapper, singer, songwriter and guitarist – all his talents shine bright and bold in the EP “Earth to Diane” bold hip-hop.

In all of her roles, she has demonstrated a mastery in portraying the talents of women and minorities while also appreciating a variety of musical styles. It all seemed to come easily to him.

Traction Crazy Time

Mayda is an adopted yet experienced Korean musician/artist/producer from the land of 10,000 Lakes. “There’s no denying that his pop R&B mix is ​​refreshing as he swings between the soothing sound, funkadelic bangs of the whole band, as well as the drums and electronic synthesizers that would make Purple One proud. The result is a smooth, expansive and evolving pop sound, aided in part by producer and mentor Michael Bland (who played drums with Prince in the early 90s and now plays with Nick Jonas), Sonic Matrimony Collective has released the first full version of Mayda. , The interrogation, last year. The prolific young soul singer is just beginning her journey, but it’s hard not to expect big things from the little but bigger pop singer.” -Andrea Swensson, Present

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Mayda’s music has been published both nationally and internationally. Many of Mayda’s songs have been featured on Rachael Ray, Good Morning America, KFC youtube, Reebok Seoul commercials, Jersey Shore and cable networks like Showtime and MTV.

Mayda recently signed with Korean indie label Musicaroma/Feel Good Inc. During a 3-week trip to Seoul, Mayda was able to meet her birth parents for the first time. Instead of lectures, his journey was recorded on public television and in the press. In mid-March, Mayda went on a 2-week European tour, from Ireland to Germany to Copenhagen in Spain to Sweden! Back in the US, Mayda will be releasing brand new songs at the beginning and end of the year in collaboration with Mu Theater Arts.

D’LOURDES is a Filipino-American singer-songwriter and actor based in New York. His debut EP came out this May and has gone viral, with almost a million streams on Spotify and millions more on TikTok (@dlourdesmusic). Though known for their tongue-in-cheek dialogues, D’LOURDES crosses genre labels, from funk to rock to indie pop and vice versa, heavily influenced by their theatrical setting. D’LOURDES is the battle cry of honesty, authenticity, and unbridledness.

Tekk Nikk Nikki Pfeifer is an electronic musician and DJ from Minneapolis. Pfeifer is commonly known as Devata Daun and has worked with his former record label, Pytch Records. Highlights include performing with John Maus (twice), his early days as a resident DJ at Dark Energy, and co-hosting Red Light Special, an R&B-inspired resident DJ in Kitty Cat Klub with lively DJ Rowsheen. He debuted his Tekk Nikk live performance at Intellephunk rave, including his techno campout band, Even Furthur.

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Pfeifer began performing as Tekk Nikk in the summer of 2017 at the kick-off party for CGW’s summer tour (local industry artist/EBM and friend Collin Gorman Weiland). He intentionally writes techno with outdated sequences that make him sound good, and is inspired by his close friend Joel Shanahan (Golden Donna, Auscultation) to write techno pieces, exploring how to diversify his writings from typical popular art formats. After spending a year exploring the Pacific Northwest, now moved back to the Twin Cities, a place that is truly home and dear to her heart, she has returned to writing and performing. Our brand new Crazy Time Tracker is live now. Follow the results of Evolution Gaming’s brand new game concept. Never miss an experience with our detailed tracker.

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Traction Crazy Time

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Traction Crazy Time

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