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Anybody, be it an individual or an organization are required to abide by certain set rules and regulations. Once you start abiding by those rules, you are said to be in compliance with those rules and regulations. Therefore, compliance, in general means conforming to a rule, such as some specification, policy, standard or law. While engaging in any kind of business, there are many forms of compliances that the company and its employees are supposed to abide by. Meaning, one needs to be complying with relevant legislation as well as internal and external standards.

Not being compliant can cause damage both towards the company as well as its clients. None of the employees wants to be a part of the firm whose data is not protected or can be hacked easily.

Therefore, compliance management can be a very big issue for business and this begins with a compliance benchmark. Law determines certain industry norms and rules that each company must adhere to. Then, it becomes the company’s perspective to plan, implement and enforce such compliance. Increasing threat and growing regulatory demand for greater compliance have created a need for high quality, integrated risk and compliance capability. Companies have to ensure that they are prepared for the unforeseen, able and ready to identify and mitigate risk and strengthen organizational risk culture, therefore achieving standards for compliance.

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