High Roller Online Casino

High Roller Online Casino – Win a 2-night spa break for two at the Pride of Britain Hotel, Calcot and Spa in the Cotswolds

There’s nothing quite like the bright lights, glamor and all-around excitement of a casino night, and if you’ve ever visited the Vegas Strip or the ancient but incredibly sophisticated casinos of Monaco, then you’ll no doubt know exactly what we’re talking about.

High Roller Online Casino

High Roller Online Casino

From complete beginners to seasoned pros, everyone can find enjoyment in a game of roulette or blackjack – but none more so than a game of high rollers. These big money players are the ones with the deepest pockets and highest risk tolerance, who are not afraid to do anything for a chance to hit the jackpot.

What Is A High Roller? All You Need To Know About Those In The Casino Big Leagues

This could be you – but if not, you’ve no doubt enjoyed watching someone at the gaming tables in the past, and maybe even felt the urge to be on the same level of toughness. Taking big risks like this isn’t for everyone, but it usually draws crowds of viewers, all of whom can’t wait to see if the latest high-profile competitor is ready to win or lose.

Being a high-level player isn’t just about having a sizable amount in the bank and a fat wallet to match—and to officially earn the label, you have to do more than just place insanely large bets. You also have to walk, talk and pay your dues. Tipping the croupiers and making sure you arrive in style will go some way toward winning the title—and the respect of the other casino regulars who come to see you play.

Being a high-roller isn’t just about having a name; it’s a whole lifestyle. We asked the experts at leading casino and bonus website high-roller.net to break it down for us.

The biggest high rollers in the world are always rich and often famous. Some of the most notable include Michael Jordan, George Clooney and Tiger Woods – each of whom go with the template and are regularly seen splashing the cash to support the name, but most importantly, have the courage to see the pain. big bets.

Stern Pinball Arcade: High Roller Casino On Steam

Michael Jordan is thought to have blown over a million dollars in just one round of golf. Image credit: Flovski/Bigstock.com

Jordan, who famously led the Chicago Bulls to a six-time NBA championship, has amassed a huge fortune over the years – not just from the beautiful game itself, but from the many brand endorsements and partnerships he’s continued to acquire since then. But it seems he’s just used to spending huge sums of money as he watches them roll into his bank account, as he’s reportedly been known to blow over a million dollars in just one round of golf.

Clooney, meanwhile, has long been associated with the extravagant world of casinos – both on and off screen. He regularly rocks the tables in Las Vegas in style whenever he’s in town to spend, spend, spend, he doesn’t always seem to get it all back. He is thought to have once lost 26 straight hands of high-stakes blackjack in just one night – but that never stopped him coming back for more.

High Roller Online Casino

If you want fame, you have to play the game – so if you’re eager to win a huge reputation among other gamblers, refusing to walk won’t get you very far. There are many casino players around the world who like to think of themselves as “whales” or “big money players”, but very few are willing to go all-in, much less have the courage and determination to take the risk. game over. .

High Roller Online Casino Games

Those with the best cars and the most expensive designer clothes may look good, but seasoned casino players can spot an act a mile away. Only those who will give their all in pursuit of the next big win and come back for more, regardless of the outcome, truly deserve this title.

Gaming tables in the Venetian Macao are likely to attract big players – the destination generates more annual revenue than Las Vegas. Image credit: bennimarti/Bigstock.com

Of course, those most impressed by such players are the casinos themselves, and in popular casino destinations like Vegas, competing establishments struggle to lure them. From expensive bottles of champagne to free luxury hotel stays, nothing is too much to gift a high-quality player – as long as they keep coming back for more.

It could be argued that this is precisely why Vegas casino resorts have become as extravagant as they are – and they seem to have hit the spot as it remains one of the most popular spots among high-rollers.

Highroller Casino Bonus

Even so, Vegas has competition, and today some of the biggest spenders bypass the strip and head straight to Macau. This Asian destination is fast becoming one of the most luxurious gambling destinations in the world and has already overtaken Vegas in terms of annual revenue.

High rollers may seem like they have a lot of perks, but you can be sure that they had to risk incredible amounts of money for that privilege. Of course, when money is no object and you have more than you know what to do with, it suddenly doesn’t seem so terrible – but even so, not everyone has the courage to see it. When you’ve ever hit the land-based casino giants of places like Vegas or Macau, you’ll often notice closed sections reserved specifically for VIP guests and high rollers. These special areas may include private poker rooms, VIP lounges, personal cashiers and a complimentary bar. However, there are many other perks and luxuries to being a fast gambler, both at brick-and-mortar locations and online casinos.

High players are considered cash cows in the industry, and while the typical profile of a “high player” is someone who is already quite well off and is always willing to put a lot into their bets, they are also someone who gambles regularly and isn’t afraid to leave big gratuities after the visit. Each casino has its own idea of ​​what constitutes a high roller or VIP player. Let’s talk about what you can expect if you choose (and actually could afford) this lifestyle.

High Roller Online Casino

The premium casino rooms exude luxury in terms of their layout, decor and personalized offers for players with pockets full of cash. And rubbing shoulders with a clientele of this caliber can see you sitting next to everyone from celebrities and politicians to royalty and industrial tycoons on a good day.

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These rooms have private entrances and express check-in, high-stakes tables, and private living areas. When it comes to online casinos, many have virtual VIP rooms for members only. While they may not offer the luxury of a land-based casino, these rooms tend to see fewer players – meaning that those who do visit can generally relax more and go at their own pace while playing.

When you’re in a high roller club, the casino literally can’t do enough for you and an assistant will always be just a few feet away to refill your glass, bring something special from the kitchen, or change your casino. potato chips. You get non-stop A-list treatment until your wallet or purse is empty at most classic establishments. Online casinos usually offer personal account managers and live dealers who tend to be more attentive to players and provide fantastic service. Including faster withdrawal and payment times.

In addition to faster payouts, VIP programs also include higher payouts and withdrawal limits. While the minimum bet on most games can be as low as $100,000 per hand, the winnings you can take home in one night can be huge.

If you score big as an online VIP, the process of crediting your account will be much faster than a basic player account, and you’ll have someone personally manage every last cent of your winnings on your behalf.

Highroller Casino Welcome Offer

Either way, bonuses are like free money for players, but when you upgrade to VIP, you’ll not only get bonus offers more often than everyone else, but you’ll get much better. All of these great deals don’t require a deposit either, so that means you’ll save money and look forward to an even bigger payout if you happen to strike gold.

In places like Caesars and MGM, these super multi-complex casinos feature hundreds of lavish suites, suites and penthouses for their very important guests. Often these huge facilities will be flown over by even the biggest spenders in a private helicopter. If you consider yourself a true casino hierarchy, you can basically count it all as part of the casino appreciation package. Because you will undoubtedly pay for it

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