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Favorite Casino – Colorado is not necessarily known for its casino culture. But with a few local American Indian reservations and a few towns where gambling is allowed, there are actually some great casinos to visit while you’re in the state. For those interested, here are some of the biggest and best.

When you think of a casino vacation, you’re probably drawn to Las Vegas or maybe Macau as the best places on earth to win big. However, apart from these gambling games, there are many other places in the world where players can try their luck.

Favorite Casino

Favorite Casino

Atlantic City, Detroit and now Baltimore have all become smaller casinos in their own right – and you’ll find hundreds of other casinos dotted around the country. One of the most interesting places on the list is Colorado Casino.

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The 100-year-old state was one of the first to legalize gambling (after Nevada and New Jersey, among others) – and now major casinos and local gambling establishments complement the abundant tourism the state receives with its world-class ski resorts, amazing scenery and bustling cities like like Denver, Boulder and Aspen.

If you’re planning an adventure trip that involves more than casinos, such as skiing, mountaineering, or exploring the wildlife, you should definitely visit Colorado. And check out one of these ten casinos while you’re there.

Ameristar Black Hawk, opened in 2001, was once Colorado’s largest casino with 5,300 square feet of gaming space, 1,332 slot machines, 16 blackjack tables, and six poker tables. Located in the gaming town of Black Hawk, the resort functions as both a casino and a convention center, with easy access to nearby ski slopes and plenty of entertainment, including a spa, a mountaintop theme park and even a nightclub.

Guests booked in one of the 886 luxury rooms and suites can take the ski lift to the casino, then indulge in gambling, world-class cuisine and a few drinks to warm up after a cold day on the slopes.

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Central City was once the gold capital of the world, so visitors can continue to enrich themselves with a wide selection of casinos. The old Tollgate and Golden Rose casinos merged to form the Century Casino in 2006, and the 24/7 gaming venue is now one of the hottest gambling venues in the state.

One of Colorado’s largest casinos, the Century Casino & Hotel emulates Red Dolly in that it fits into an ordinary part of an ordinary mountain town. However, it is much larger and has a bit more to offer inside.

Slots, video poker, table games, craps and roulette cover the selection of games, and the aesthetic is somewhat reminiscent of the classic look of, say, a Vegas gambling casino (once you step inside). As the name suggests, Century Casino & Hotel also offers accommodation – including 26 hotel rooms, as well as a bar and restaurant.

Favorite Casino

With over 500 slot machines and video poker terminals, as well as poker, blackjack, craps and roulette tables, guests have a huge selection of game types and bets up to $100, as well as some famous Mid City Grill ribs. Be sure to sign up for the Casino Club Card as you will receive play bonuses as well as drinks and treats at no extra cost.

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Housed in an old western saloon, this compact casino is a must-see on any gambling trip. Local favorite Black Hawk Station casino retains the traditional Black Hawk feel, and the owners have been running the bar, restaurant and casino there since 1993. Black Hawk Station is a slot machine and video machine with 127 slots. the latest virtual games to keep the action going into the night.

You will want to practice your slots before visiting this amazing and traditional gambling establishment and the best way to make sure you are up to the challenge is to try out a few online slots. To be successful at slot machines, it is important to know how they work and how an effective strategy can maximize your winnings while playing.

If you want to stay in a nice hotel with its own built-in casino, Double Eagle is a great option. Opened in 1996, Double Eagle was once the largest casino in Cripple Creek. Technically, you’ll find all of the hotel’s games at the Gold Creek Casino, which is connected to the building, so you won’t have to go out in the cold to play.

The main floor has four blackjack tables, seven poker tables, and lively craps and roulette tables that get quite busy on weekends. In addition, there are approximately 160 slot machines scattered throughout the casino, including the latest video poker slots. One thing you’ll notice about Double Eagle is active promotions with free gifts and prizes awarded to players who participate in various competitions.

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Room rates range from a reasonable $90 to $500 per room, so you can enjoy Vegas-style luxury in the mountains if you want. This is great if you like lively casinos with lots of winning options outside the tables.

The biggest casino in Cripple Creek is Wildwood, and here the gaming is no better than a 24-hour arcade. Guests can play Poker, Roulette, Texas Hold’em, Blackjack, and Craps, and there are plenty of discounts and promotions, including a $10,000 jackpot for club card holders (just check in upon arrival).

There’s also Cherry Pit and an exclusive gaming area that offers premium spirits along with gaming perfect for players who want a bit of glitz and glam when visiting the casino.

Favorite Casino

Billing as the oldest and friendliest Black Hawk casino where everyone knows your name, Red Dolly is unlike most major casinos. It has been operating since 1992, with a simple mountain town vibe and boasts many employees who have been here for a decade or more.

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When it comes to games, Red Dolly focuses on slots with over 120 of the most popular games available. (Any of you familiar with online gaming will probably recognize some of these names.) In addition to Red Dolly’s neighborhood vibe, there’s also a highly rated restaurant. There are no table games, so no blackjack, craps or roulette.

As you probably know, many Native American tribes across the country maintain casinos on reservations, and their role in American gambling culture may be growing. We recently learned that the National Indian Gambling Association has passed a resolution in favor of legal sports betting, which is seen as another big step towards legalizing gambling in America. Meanwhile, Native American tribes already run some of the country’s most impressive casinos.

This place, run by the southern tribe of Ute Indians, is a perfect example of this. The large and beautiful Sky Ute Casino complex has a huge number of slots and table games, a separate poker room, comfortable hotel rooms and a spa. There are even additional activities in the form of bowling, golf and much more.

Apart from Black Hawk and Central City (and Indian reservations), Cripple Creek is the only place to visit the casino. And Bronco Billy’s is one of the highlights. Another mountain town location with an obscure “Old West” vibe you’ll find at Black Hawk has all the best games and is known for making a splash with big jackpot wins.

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There are already dining options, although the entire complex will soon undergo a major upgrade. Cripple Creek has approved a $70 million expansion (including a new hotel) that should turn the Billy Bronco into a real travel destination.

Monarch Casino offers more of the same with Black Hawk, with plenty of gaming options and an attractive design that blends in somewhat with its surroundings. It has everything you would expect with an emphasis on TV and live entertainment, making it arguably the best place on this list for those who are incorporating sports betting into their gambling.

The full video wall and accompanying dashboard is a great place to keep track of your bets, perhaps between visits to the gaming tables.

Favorite Casino

While Red Dolly is known as a charming, dependable casino, Saratoga Casino is arguably the most glamorous gaming venue in Black Hawk. Table games and slots are plentiful and the casino also offers its own special promotions and bonus events. Saratoga has a bit more to offer than some of its peers on this list when it comes to food and drink.

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Plus two restaurants – Mill City Chophouse and the more casual Main

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