Crazy Time Dealers

Crazy Time Dealers – Spinning off the hit Dream Catcher, Crazy Time hit the Evolution scene in 2020 and supercharged the live game show experience. With real casino dealers and gaming event setups including exciting prize wheels, Crazy Time took the online casino market by storm, winning Evolution the Innovation in Casino Entertainment at the 2020 SBC Awards.

Crazy Time is a live game show featuring a wheel with 54 segments including a total of 8 available bets. The game features 4 numbered bets, each with their own amount of available space and bet payouts, as well as 4 unique bonus games that bring even more excitement to the table.

Crazy Time Dealers

Crazy Time Dealers

The game is also further enlivened by including the top slots feature where a set of 2 reels is spun to add special win multipliers for numbered bets or boost 1 of the 4 available bonus games.

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Crazy Time is earned by accurately predicting the space the wheel will land in at the end of the spin. You can bet on up to 8 spaces with payouts depending on which space you land on.

The safest bet on 1 slot as it has the most events on the wheel and 21 and offers the lowest payout 1:1. The highest bet the payout number 10 which pays 10:1 and only 4 events on the wheel .

That’s not all as, each round, a wheel is spun on top of the wheel which will reveal 1 of 8 spaces and a multiplier that is applied to all win values ​​at the end of the spin. If the multiplier is applied to the bonus game, the value of the win during the bonus game is increased by the value of the multiplier. For example:

Everyone loves their bonus game, with this strategy, it’s the #1 priority. Place exclusive bets on 4 bonus games of all values ​​to ensure you never miss out when they land. Please note that each bonus game has a different number of segments available on the board, which means that you can change the amount of your bet in each bonus game based on the chances of winning segments. The Flip coin bonus feature has the most events with 4, while the Crazy Time bonus has only 1 event on the wheel.

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With this strategy you avoid all the bonus game spaces and bet exclusively on the numbered spaces. This is one of the safer strategies as the numbered slot occurs more on the wheel and 1 only makes 21 slots available. In total, the numbered spaces make up 45 of the total 54 segments available on the wheel, which means that the chances of a winning number are quite high.

Martingale is one of the most popular roulette strategies available and has become so popular that a version has been created for Crazy Time. Basically, you decide your bet and, for each loss, you maintain the same bet behavior but double the value of the bet. The idea behind this strategy is that for the amount lost, you will recoup the loss when you win.

Can’t choose your favorite bet? Place bets on all available spaces to maximize your chances of winning. This strategy also ensures that you always qualify for the bonus games every time they land. Set the same value on all spaces, or if you’re feeling strategic, mix and match your bet values ​​based on what you’re winning the most in your current game.

Crazy Time Dealers

A variation of the Playing it Safe strategy where you match your bet to the odds of each available number. For example

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This strategy is quite high risk and the maximum payout is when you get higher numbers like 5 or 10.

In addition to the standard bets that award cash prizes, Crazy Time also has 4 unique bonus games that give you the chance to win juicy rewards. The bonus game is activated when they land at the end of the wheel spin.

To qualify for the bonus game, you must have placed a wager on the relevant bonus game space during the betting phase. If the highest slot multiplier is applied to the bonus game, then the active multipliers during the bonus game are increased before the game is played.

The puck is dropped from the top and the space it lands on at the bottom will be the multiplier applied to the active bet.

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Aim for the number of 108 available symbols, and when the time expires, shoot to display the multipliers that are applied to your total bet.

Multipliers are randomly added to the red and blue sides of a coin. The dealer then hands over this coin and the multiplier from our winning side is applied to the value of your bet.

Enter the world of Crazy Time with a new background and a mega wheel containing 64 segments and 3 flappers. Choose your flapper and spin the wheel to reveal the mega win multipliers applied to your total bet.

Crazy Time Dealers

Start Small – Start with a small bet to understand how the game is played and experiment without risking losing the highest value.

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Split your bets – Once you feel confident with the basic rules, try splitting your bets into several slots and start betting on some bonus games.

Different bets have different odds. Please note that different bets have different chances of winning. 1 space has the highest probability of winning as it has the most events occurring on the wheel and the Gila Time bet has the lowest probability with only 1 space on the wheel.

Multipliers can add bonuses. Keep an eye out for the bonus multipliers for each round, as they can increase the total win of the bet or increase the value of the bonus game.

Set Limits – As with all casino games, setting limits is important to ensure that the experience is always fun. Set a limit on your spending to make sure you don’t spend more than you’re comfortable with. Check out our wide range of safe gaming equipment for more information.

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Crazy Time has a live casino dealer who will host the game and interact with a real time chat feature during each round.

The way to freak out time is to place a successful bet on one of the 8 available slots on the wheel, and after spinning, cause the wheel to land on your bet slot. If you place a successful wager on one of the 4 bonus game spaces, you will be entitled to play the bonus game once it is activated.

The RTP for Time Crazy is 96.08%. For every €10 bet, the average return for the player is €9.60 depending on the long period of play.

Crazy Time Dealers

There is always time as Crazy Time is fully compatible on all mobile devices. Log in today and enjoy real money live casino games from the convenience of your favorite iOS and Android mobile devices.

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Compilation of the top 12 roulette strategies that can help boost your roulette experience. Gain knowledge and become a tabletop casino pro in minutes. Crazy Time is an online casino game program straight from Evolution. It offers four entertaining bonus games that are fun to watch and are hosted by live dealers 24 hours a day from a studio in Latvia.

Crazy Time is a multiplayer packaged live gaming event that launched in July 2020. The reel-based game is fast becoming a player favorite, with the latest 12,500X win attracting widespread interest and creating big winners.

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Based on the hit Dream Catcher money wheel, players can bet on the number the wheel will land on or place a bet on one of four exciting bonus games.

When activated, the ‘Cash Hunt’ bonus game allows players to select symbols from a large screen that has 108 random multipliers. As the name suggests, the ‘coin toss’ bonus game uses a coin toss to determine what multiplier will be won.

In the ‘Pachinko’ bonus game, the host drops the puck down a wall and the player wins the multiplier where the puck lands. If the disc lands on double, all multipliers are doubled up to a maximum of 10,000X multiplier displayed.

Crazy Time Dealers

When the ‘Crazy Time’ bonus arrives, the host opens the door to a large money wheel where the player chooses a green, yellow or blue fin. With DOUBLE and TRIPLE values ​​on the wheel, the maximum multiplier can go as high as 20,000X.

Play Crazy Time Casino Game And Win!

The biggest multiplier win so far at Crazy Time took place on Thursday, January 20, 2022, when the Cash Hunt bonus round awarded a potential win of 12,500X.

As Aris (host) walks through the red door on Thursday, September 3, 2020, Crazy Time’s giant virtual money wheel lands on FOUR.

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