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கை அடித்தால் என்ன ஆகும் – Many movie stars made their debut in the movie world and took a place in people’s hearts, but it will be hard not to miss them. Most character actors only appear in a few scenes and people get a lot of emotion out of their performance. Actor Guru Somasundaram thus became popular among people for his Vidiya-like performance in cinema. In his early days, he performed at rallies in Mayday plays.

In 2008, he made his mark in Tamil cinema with the role of Kaaliyana in the film Aranya Kandam directed by Thiagarajan Kumararaj. In his debut film, he showed his best acting skills and got a lot of attention from the public.

கை அடித்தால் என்ன ஆகும்

கை அடித்தால் என்ன ஆகும்

And after seeing his brilliant performance in this movie, many movie producers sought him out. He has also acted in many language films like Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu. So he acted in many Tamil movies like Kaad, Pandiya Nadu, Jigarthanda, Thungavanam, Joker, Kurta Medandanai, Yagai, Vanjakar Ulakam, Pay Tai, Jai Bheem, Minnal Murali. .

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In 2016, Valam became an actor in Tamil cinema by playing the lead role in the movie Joker directed by Rajumurugan. In this movie he got great response from the public with his excellent screenplay in the movie. This film also won the National Award for Best Feature Film.

Besides, it’s a lie. He also acted in short films like E Ruthi, Aram, Ku Kai Oviyang. She is currently playing the lead role in Indian 2 directed by Shankar.

In this situation, actor Guru Somasundaram did not show anything like his family photo and family photos on the outside. Now, the latest photos of him with his wife, son and daughter have surfaced on social media and have gone viral on the internet. Here is a picture…

“Romantic actress Rudan”. Does he need all this?..Shock aa Na Ra Chigars on the open street..!!

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Is this Prabal Padaki Anuradha’s husband? Here are the pictures of Lee Ka books online..!!

Do you know who is the guy in Phukai movie?..biggest actress in movie world?..watch Phukai movie. ….. 2002 movie directed by Aamir Thana Maunam Pasheti released in this movie Karsurya Katha Naya Kana Dittu actor in this movie. The film was also well received by the fans and collected a lot at the box office. It can be said that this film was a turning point in the film journey of actor Surya.

Currently, actor Karsurya is acting in a movie titled Edulu Dunintha Van which is directed by Kunar Bondraj. Immediately after the release of this film, information will be published on the website.

கை அடித்தால் என்ன ஆகும்

Also an actor and director who is doing well in cinema is Aamir. It is worth mentioning that he has done many popular films like Rambharuth Diveera. Ral Nadikar Ameer has released the official information about the film, which is silent on the issue.

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The script of the film was created only when Nadikar Vijay and Daram informed him about the story. Actor Vijay’s father, S.A., also asked. Sandira Shekhar, talks about minor changes in some of her films.

I gave up on that idea, it doesn’t work for me. After that I told many stories with actor Vijay, but actor Vijay gave him an offer and he kept quiet about it and acted in a film for the first time. Actor Kar Aamir is learned to have chosen actor Surya for Vijay’s A Warmudia.

“Romantic actress Rudan”. Does he need all this?..Shock aa Na Ra Chigars on the open street..!!

Is this Prabal Padaki Anuradha’s husband? Here are the pictures of Lee Ka books online..!!

Thenral Mullai 2022 Volume 20, Issue 3 By Thenral Mullai

Do you know who is the guy in Phukai movie?..biggest actress in movie world?..watch Phukai movie. ….!!Home » Grammar, Sanskrit, Tamil, Tamil Specialties, Paragon, Linguistics » Is Tamil a grammatical language? Why are there no professional essays in tamil? – Some scary information

“Tamil is a language without grammar,” a Sanskrit fanatic tweeted last week. Enata means other Indian languages ​​have four types of alphabet like four ka and four sa; Not in Tamil, he said naively.

➵ Are there really no professional fonts in Tamil? ➵ If yes, what is the reason? ➵ Is this a mistake in tamil or not?

கை அடித்தால் என்ன ஆகும்

This post is one of those. But before he started: “That’s what he asked! It’s an insult to Tamilians!” Does your chest boil? In an effort to mitigate this, here are some of the countermeasures I have provided to this ignorance for your consideration.

Pdf) அரை சித்தர் படைப்பு Half Siddhar Release ஆரம்பகால சுமேரியர் தமிழ் பேசினர்

What, did you see? But what if we object like this: “Is it a disadvantage that Tamil does not have all these types of writing that exist in all languages?” It’s true that we have an idea here!

Even our children who later learn Hindi, English and Tamil will wonder why there are so many essays in other languages ​​and not just our mother tongue. Not only because it is our duty to answer, but the explanation is actually very delicious! It contains a lot of information about the structure of the Tamil language! So all us Tamilians must know about it! We will see?

Sanskrit, Hindi and other Dravidian languages ​​that corrupted along with Sanskrit have four letters each, namely ka, sa, da, tha and p (see: picture). Even in English they all have two or three separate letters. But not in Tamil! Why?

Take the word “riot”. How do we say it? Is it ‘kalagam’? Why do we say the first letter of a word as “ka” and only the letter after it as “ga”? Why don’t you say “kalakam”?

B E N Z… சும்மா நெ கு நெ கு ன் னு இருக்கு…! ரசிகர்களை பாடாய் ப டு த் து ம் நீலிமா ராணி…!!!

Next, let’s say “water”! What is the first letter of this? Is that ‘she’? So should we say tha in the word “help” as “tha”? Not! Do we say it like “dha”? why this

This is because the sound of our voices changes from place to place. Their sound, like other languages, changes not only according to the place, but also according to the accompanying letter. Basically there are four types of Tamil alphabets*.

1. Sounds with normal stress when it occurs alone or at the beginning of a word. ** Ed: morning = kaalai, cheran = cheran, water = nezneer, snow = lady.

கை அடித்தால் என்ன ஆகும்

2. It sounds soft when it comes in the middle or at the end of a word. A.D.: width = agalam, needle = oosi, shape = vadivam, madurai = madhurai, kapam = kabam.

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3. When a consonant follows – in the middle of a word or at the end of a word – it is pronounced. Eg: Akka = akka, micham = micchham, ring = vattam, snail = naththai, salt = uppu.

4. It sounds soft and sweet when followed by the letter varka. Eg: mangai = mangai, ginger = inji, crab = nandu, herd = mandhai, arrow = ambu.

Not only that, these letters also have some other sound variants like Kurilyalugaram, Kurilyalikaram. But they all belong to Tamil only. Here we are only looking at the presence of sounds of other languages ​​in Tamil, so we have not included them in the list. If you include them, the list gets a little longer.

Everyone thinks there is no ‘I’ in Tamil. But look at the English spelling of ‘ginger’ in number four above! The ‘I’ sound can be found wherever the Tamil sakaram joins the consonant of the ñnagara ethnic letter (eg: குக்கு, panchu, tanjai).

Ki Pi 2887l Cila Vilaasangal C

When we were taught ana and aavanna in school, they said the letter “Aku”. Its correct pronunciation is actually “ahku”. It is f = h. If asked what is the proof of this, they would point to the word “Ekku” for the letter they learned in the arichuvadi classes and say “Ekku”; If you want to write ‘no’, can you use ‘k’ instead? Why there? Based on this, the manuscript is studied

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